Are you serious?

Yes, we’re dead serious. Under 2013’s immigration laws, the Statue of Liberty would not have been allowed entry into the United States. In fact, Congress didn’t even want the French statue when it was first sent to the U.S. in 1886. While they eventually voted to keep the free statue, Congress refused to provide any funding for the pedestal, as did the city AND state of New York.  Even at its conception, the statue was unwelcome to most Americans.  It is now our turn to stand up and say that our cultural institutions are necessary to a thriving nation, and we must hold these institutions up to the same standards as we hold ourselves. It is for these reason that LPAC denounces the statue, and hopes to lobby Congress to send her back to France, and replace Liberty Island with a true, American-born and made statue.

But how can you “deport” a statue?

It’s been done before! LPAC is working with a team of architects to work on how to physically remove the statue without causing any environmental or economic issues for the New York City government. The current plan is to remove the statue piece by piece, and send them each back to France via sea. The statue of liberty was brought here in crates over one hundred years ago, so the process to return her that way will be much easier with the advance of sea and air travel.

It was done before? Yeah right! When, and by who?

Here’s a little history lesson for ya:

President Obama Sent a bust of Winston Churchill back to the UK:
As a signal of strong transatlantic relationship, a bust of Winston Churchill was “loaned” from the UK to former US president George W. Bush for his term of service. When Obama was newly elected in 2009, the British officials offered to let Mr. Obama to hang on to the bust that “had graced the Oval Office” for all these years, but the White House said “no, thanks”, and the bust now lives in Britain’s ambassador’s residence.  Reference 1 | Reference 2

Buddha Statues Banned from Iranian Stores:
In February 2013, Buddha statues joined the official list of banned items of Iran. Authorities have been confiscating Buddha statues from shops in Tehran, the nation’s capital.  Reference

Mexico Rejects Aliyev Statue:
In November 2012, an advisory commission in Mexico City recommended the statue of Azerbaijan’s late President Heydar Aliyev be removed from an emblematic park in the Mexican capital. Azerbaijani officials argued that Mexico had agreed to allow the statue to remain on the spot for 99 years, and they warned that the removal of the statue would result in severe damage to the Mexico-Azerbaijan relationship. The commission, however, said that the authorities “had erred” by allowing a foreign government to decide what should be commemorated in Mexico’s public spaces.  Reference 1 Reference 2

Who are you guys?

Glad you asked! Legals for the Preservation of American Culture (LPAC) is a group of concerned American citizens who believe in preserving the national identity of our country’s heritage sites. We are a non-partisan, membership-based organization funded by private individuals and institutions. We have come together in the spirit of protecting America from the devastating impact of illegal immigration.

How can I get involved?

  • Join our street team: print out our posters and paste them up in your town.
  • Share our viral posters on all your social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.
  • Learn the facts, and tell your friends about what’s REALLY going on with immigration reform.
  • Get your kids involved– it’s never to early to learn the truth.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We always need volunteers at LPAC – click here for more information on our field crews at work around the country.

  1. john says:

    Too bad that massive illegal immigration in California has resulted in such social breakdown and such hatred toward Americans by so many Mexican immigrants who report on Spanish language radio that they are legally in the US because Ca. is theirs and they are retaking it.

  2. UCLA Bruin says:

    This is probably the stupidest thing i’ve ever head in my entire life. This actually makes me want to move away from the US. What has this nation come to? You’re all idiots. Go to school.

  3. Janet Barry says:

    They might not have wanted her but she did NOT come here illegally

  4. this is the dumbest thing I have ever witnessed. Is this meant to be part of the joke of all of it?

  5. Ken Agar says:

    Clearly the statue is fomenting sedition in her beliefs of freedom and liberty. How can this be understood by a country that calls people who wish to go to the USA “aliens” and claim that they are here to rip off the country. How can a person who is rule bound be able to understand the concepts of ethics morals, freedom. Besides if you deport liberty then the rest of the world can welcome her with open arms

  6. George Washington says:

    Just a piece of rock any way. Has nothing to do with illegals trying to destroy our nation. Why should mexicans be given preferred treatment? Stand in line with the rest of us.

    • Naomi E says:

      Hah! Mexicans getting preferred treatment? Please. You should be aware that for the majority of Mexican citizens, there is NO PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP in the United States. Many do not qualify for even a tourist visa because they do not have the money or assets necessary. Even those who are skilled, qualified workers are often overlooked in favor of immigrants from other countries such as India. Also, because Mexico has supplied the largest source of immigrants recently (including the largest source of LEGAL immigrants EVER, just surpassing Germany), the US almost never grants Mexicans refugee status even though many live in constant fear of becoming victims to the rampant drug trade, poverty, gang violence, political corruption, etc., even though people in other countries facing the same issues can sometimes be granted refugee status. So, in many ways, they are given the opposite of what you call “preferred treatment.” This goes against the very basis of the mass European immigration movement in the 1800s and 1900s, where people came here in droves searching for a better life because their country did not offer it to them. Also, what about the fact that Mexico used to be twice its size, and what is today California, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and even parts of Oregon and Montana, were once Mexico, and American/European settlers illegally took over that land?! Or did you just conveniently forget that bit of history?

      My own sister-in-law was kidnapped and raped in Mexico City (where she is from). Her family had to sell their home, cars, and raise money to pay her ransom, and now because they don’t have money or assets, they aren’t able to come to here unless my husband sponsors them when he becomes a US citizen. But of course, even though he’s married to me, a US citizen, we still have to wait years before he can apply for citizenship. By then, with “immigration reform,” it’s likely that there will be fewer family reunification visas available, and even those who try to obtain a visa that way will probably have to wait years, even decades, before being allowed to enter this country. The current immigration system plays favorites (and there are very few of those), and makes it extremely difficult for people to come here, contribute to society, and provide a better life for their family, legally. Because it’s so impossible for so many, the system we currently have ENCOURAGES illegal immigration.

  7. True American says:

    OK, can you please clarify which “culture” are you “concerned” about. Is it the “culture” we brought from England when our ancestors came to this land OR the “culture” that treated African Americans as slaves.

    Please take a moment to wiki “Culture of United States” and the first line reads “The culture of the United States is primarily a Western culture, but is also influenced by Native American, African, Asian, Polynesian, and Latin American cultures” – That should tell you all about the “culture” you are “trying’ to protect.

    We all live by the principle of paying a loan back and that’s exactly what president Obama did returning the “loaner” bust to UK. And you are comparing our nation, the United States of America with lawless Mexico and Iran… I will let you be the judge.

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