New Film to Feature Immigrant Pet Owners Facing Deportation

Indie Documentary Border Tails to Premiere at Telluride Film Festival

June 12, 2013

[BROOKLYN, NY] – Following the case of California woman Ruth Montaño, who faced possible deportation earlier this year after being arrested for her dogs loud barking, New York production company Studiosity is premiering their new film Border Tails, at the Telluride Film Festival in August.

Studiosity, a small production company made up of independent filmmakers from New York, went around the country for five years to film the footage needed to produce Border Tails. They followed five immigrant families who have faced deportation proceedings due to the misbehavior of their American-born pets.

One star of Border Tails, Arizona resident Theo Sanchez, has been a U.S. resident for over 15 years. The documentary follows his story as he is forced to give up his beloved rabbits after neighbors threaten to report his illegal status to the police if his pets did not refrain from eating the grass on their lawn. This is not an isolated case. Studiosity has documented over 500 such stories where immigrant owners of American pets have been forced to give up their loved ones, relocate, or cut through mountains of red tape to avoid deportation.

“Federal immigration enforcement policies and local laws do not take into account the suffering of immigrant families torn apart from their loved ones including, pets born in the United States,” said Adriana Smithe, the film’s director. “With this film we really tried to put a spotlight on the families, and animals, torn apart by draconian American laws.”

Although the Obama administration has taken some measures to ease the path to permanent residency for illegal immigrants who are immediate relatives of American citizens, some members of the public have expressed skepticism. “I don’t care what kind of a pet they have, they will always remain illegal according to U.S. law,”  said Harvey Knowles-Brier, founder and president of Legals for the Preservation of American Culture (LPAC), who is boycotting the film’s release. “Illegal aliens are a burden on hardworking Americans, pet ownership is no exception.”

The film will premiere at Telluride, Colorado on August 30, 2013. To see the trailer, click here.

Contact: Stephanie Donner, Publicist, Studiosity,, or 347-815-5722



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