New Hampshire City Votes to Enforce Economic Sanctions on Local Businesses Employing Recent Immigrants

Manchester Businesses Will Soon Be Required to Provide Proof of Citizenship for all Employees

June 12, 2013

[MANCHESTER, NH] – The Board of Mayors and Alderman of Manchester, NH, voted on Monday to initiate economic sanctions on any local businesses employing recent immigrants. Mayor Ted Gatsas is expected to sign it into law on Thursday. The law will require all businesses within city limits, to provide proof of citizenship, consisting of birth certificates, social security cards, or green cards, for all employees. Employees must prove citizenship for a period of greater than five years for the business to continue without penalty.

The economic plan, being labeled a “local embargo” by the city, is being finalized by private Boston consulting firm Trident Group LLC, in conjunction with the office of the major. The plan’s initial costs are being bankrolled by private firm Legals for the Preservation of American Culture (LPAC), but will become self-supported by year three of the initiative. It is the first time that a city will be implementing a fee on businesses based upon the immigration status of its employees.

“New Hampshire’s Business Capital can not afford to be silent on the issue of immigration, especially at such an important time in history,” said Alderman Patrick Long, who is in charge of job creation & economic development for the city. “We’ve come up with an economic plan that will increase the amount of jobs available for American citizens, while at the same time decrease the threat of unsafe elements remaining in our locality.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents will be working with city officials, and holding mandatory summits for business owners in Manchester. Trainings will be based on the IMAGE program, which outlines proper hiring procedures, including use of employment screening tools such as E-Verify.  ICE Special Agent Bryce M. Talder lauded the plan as instrumental in getting similar initiatives instituted country-wide. “Employers who make a commitment to hire and maintain a lawful workforce, are not only making a responsible decision for their business, but for the nation as well.”

The Board of Mayors has already launched a website to assist residents, consisting of a checklist of questions that recent immigrants can ask themselves to see if they will be eligible for work.

Contact: Rebecca Thomas, LPAC Cultural Director at, or 347-815-572


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