Statue of Liberty Facts

1. Initially, the Statue was by no means universally admired. The American Catholic Quarterly denounced the statue and her torch in 1880, stating they “were not from Christ and Christianity, but from heathenism and her gods.” (Source)

2. Emma Lazarus’s famous poem The New Colossus (“give me your tired…”) was written before the Statue was erected but not placed inside the pedestal for another 20 years. (Source)

3. While the statue was sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, its interior structure was designed byby engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, famous for, oh, you know. (Source)

4. Her official name is not “The Statue of Liberty” but “Liberty Enlightening the World”. (Source)

liberty enlightening world

5. The Statue of Liberty was not an official national monument until 1924; Bedloe’s Island, which housed the granite, star-pointed Fort Wood upon which she stands, was renamed Liberty Island in 1956. (Source)

6. The Statue was almost ‘sponsored’ by a laxative company, Castoria, which offered $25,000 in funds if “you permit us to place across the top of the pedestal the word ‘Castoria’. The offer was declined, Castoria kept their money. (Source)


7. The Statue’s stern countenance is said to have been inspired by and modeled after sculptor Bartholdi’s mother. (Source)


8. The seven ‘points’ or ‘spikes’ of the statue’s crown do not represent the seven seas and/or continents, as is commonly alleged on the internet (even by the National Park Service’s own FAQ about the Statue). They are rays emanating from her head as a radiant nimbus (halo). (Source)

9. The Statue of Liberty will be deported on July 4, 2013, due to her status as an illegal immigrant.


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